Review: The Mother Daughter Book Club - Pies and Prejudice

    Because it’s the fourth in a series, I was worried that this book might be a disappointment. I need not have worried. MDBC:Pies and Prejudice was just as delightful, if not more, than the 3 stories that preceded it. The girls are growing up and it’s still fun to be a part of their diverging lives and then watch them come together for book club.

    In this volume, Emma and the rest of the Hawthorne family move to England for a year for the father’s work. Emma is nervous, but excited that she and her mother will be able to visit all places Jane Austen. Her brother Darcy is not so keen on the idea but warms up to it eventually. The concern soon becomes what will happen to the Mother Daughter Book Club when they’re gone?

    No need to worry. In this technological age, Emma and her Mom video chat into the meetings which are held at the Wongs (for technological purposes.) It doesn’t hurt that now everyone else can offer to bring food and Mrs. Wong won’t have to make any of her all-natural, tofu based ‘snacks’.

    Outside of the book club goings-on, Megan is still into fashion and even starts a blog. Cassidy is playing great hockey and coaching a youth league. Emma has always known that she wanted to be a writer. In addition to missing Emma, seeing her friends with direction leave Jess worried because she hasn’t chosen a career path yet. Volunteer work with a wildlife rehab gives her renewed hope.

    After Emma has a nasty encounter with a world-class queen bee, the MDBC ‘cooks up’ a way to brighten up Emma’s spring break by bringing her home. And a few months after Emma’s return to England, the group has the chance to come visit the Hawthornes there. These events tighten the bonds of friendship that have been built over the last three volumes. Sprinkled with some misunderstandings, a bit of romantic adventure and Emma’s publishing debut, this is a great read and a perfectly brilliant tie-in with Jane Austen and her writing. Loved it!

    This book receives four cookies and a glass of milk.

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