Review - The Mother Daughter Book Club: Dear Pen Pal

    This is another enjoyable book in a series of books that I have enjoyed so much. The girls in the book club are growing up and learning more about themselves and the world around them. This time they are reading books by Jean Webster. I haven’t (yet) read the Webster books but my interest is now piqued.

    Jess is given a scholarship to the local private school where her greatest challenge is not the academics but a roommate that makes Becca Chadwick look like Miss Congeniality. Emma’s relationship with Stewart grows and she finds a new friend in an unexpected place. Megan explores her relationship with her mother through a visit from her grandmother. Cassidy learns about life as the Sloane-Kincaid family grows and changes.

    In addition to everything that’s happening in Concord, the girls are reading Daddy-Long-Legs which is told through a series of letters. To broaden the experience for the book club girls, Mrs. Hawthorne sets up a pen pal for each girl. Their pen pals are from Gopher Hole, Wyoming and each has uncanny similarities to the girls in Concord. I would have liked to have focused a bit more on the pen pal idea. I've been thinking a lot lately about letter writing and how important it is.

    Anyway, I try (but never succeed) to read these Mother-Daughter Book Club stories slowly so that I can ‘hang out’ with the group for just a little longer. I think that girls (and their mothers) reading these books can find a bit of themselves in each character. I look forward to the next in the series.

    This book receives four cookies and a glass of milk.

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    Melissa Taylor said...

    About what reading level is this series? I hadn't heard of this one before, thanks.


    Nat said...

    I would say this is for middle-grade (4th through 6th). What I like about it is it not only tells them one story, the series also introduces them to some classic books like Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, etc.