Discussion Topics - Mother Daughter Book Club: Pies and Prejudice

    Was it 'fair to use audio books? Compare and contrast audio books with traditional books.
    What did you learn about a woman's life situation in the late 1700s?
    Which character are you most like? Why?
    Is there another character you'd prefer to be like? Why?
    The characters have so many interests. Name some of them.
    Did this story inspire you to read Jane Austen? Why or why not?
    Mrs. Hawthorne said Rupert Loomis "hadn't grown into himself yet." What did she mean?
    You can find 'Queen Bees' or bullies like Annabelle Fairfax in real life. How should they be handled
    Jane Austen was Mrs. Hawthorne's favorite author. Who is yours?

    You can find more discussion topics at the back of the book. You can get the book Pies & Prejudice (Mother Daughter Book Club)at Amazon.com.

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