Review - No More Dead Dogs

    This is a book about a boy, dogs, football and detention - not exactly my usual read. But I have to say I enjoyed it.

    Wallace Wallace’s father never told the truth. So Wallace Wallace was driven to always tell the truth - even if it got him in trouble. And when he reviewed, Old Shep, My Pal for English class, that’s exactly what the truth did. OS,MP was a life-long favorite of Mr. Fogelman, the English teacher. Wallace Wallace panned it as “the most boring book I’ve read in my entire life.” So it’s off to detention with Wallace.

    Unfortunately, the English teacher’s version of detention is drama club practice. So not only is Wallace serving detention, he is serving it in the gym where the drama club is preparing their production of Old Shep, My Pal. It couldn’t get any worse – or could it? Wallace refuses to re-write his review AND starts critiquing the play. When Mr. Fogelman asks Wallace how he would treat this classic differently, Wallace does what he always does. He gives his honest answer. And that’s when the trouble really begins.

    Wallace can’t get out of detention, can’t return to football practice and his whole life changes. But is it really a bad thing? Wallace’s basic reputation was based on a lie and it bothered him to no end. In the end, he found his truth.

    This is an enjoyable read and fun characters. It's light, yet interesting subject matter make it a good summer reading book. I highly recommend it for boys in the middle school grades – even reluctant readers will enjoy it. The text is not too advanced and the pace is good. I also recommend this for girls who don’t mind a little football thrown in the mix.

    This book receives four cookies - woof!

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