Discussion Topics - No More Dead Dogs

Why do you think the author gave the character the name Wallace Wallace?

Was Wallace a football hero? Was he a regular hero?

Why did Wallace never lie? Would you rather be in detention for having told the truth or out of detention with a lie?

How could you tell that Wallace liked Rachel? What did he like about her?

Name some of the ways Wallace improved the play. Would a teacher really let him do this? Should they?

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Catherine said...

Hey! What a great idea. I have moms who come to the library who are in book groups with their MG daughters, wanting book suggestions, info and tips. I will direct them to your site. In fact, may I do a post directing them to it? Thanks. Catherine

Nat said...

Hi Catherine -

We'd love it if you'd direct them to our site. We are also including a link to your site - it's beautiful and has lots of great info!

Thanks so much,