Projects - The Mother Daughter Book Club

    Based on the story of Laurie and the March girls, we decided to make a birdhouse/letter holder. This was so much fun! And it really works to hold small envelopes. I wonder if anyone used theirs when they got home. It would be fun to play mailbox with a younger sibling.

    Supplies needed:
    Milk cartons
    Paper - white and/or colored
    Tape or glue

    1. Save a few milk cartons - one for each member.

    2. Clean out the milk cartons and allow to air dry for at least a day. Punch hole in top ridge CAREFULLY (a grown up should do this.)

    3. Mark and cut the door of the birdhouse/letter holder. Only cut on three sides so you can use one side as a hinge.

    4. Decorate. Ideas for decorating - cover with colored paper. Or with white paper and color with crayons.

    5. Put string through hole and hang.

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