Discussion Topics - The Mother Daughter Book Club

    The Mother-Daughter Book Club read their book over the course of the year. What are the benefits of taking that much time with one book? Any drawbacks?
    Which girl is most like you? Why?
    Which girl would have been your best friend? Why?
    Describe the characteristics of the mothers. Which of the mothers reminded you of your own mother? Why?
    How do you think their participation helped the girls learn about themselves? About their friends? About their mothers?
    What did you think about what happened with Megan Wong and the Fab Four?
    Do you know a Becca Chadwick? How should Emma deal with Becca?
    Concord, Mass. is a place of historical interest. Name and describe some of the historic places you've been.
    Have you read Little Women (or seen the movie)? What did you think of it?

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