Projects - Pea and Bean Mosaic (Poppy)

A very colorful and easy project.

SUPPLIES: (pic 1)

dried peas and beans in various colors
cardboard squares (4" x 4" or 6" x 6")
school glue (white glue)


1. On the cardboard, draw a mosaic-like pattern. Use squares, triangles etc. (pic 2)

2. One shape at a time, fill shape with glue then spread a single color of peas or beans over that shape. Gently pour beans over the glue and press down firmly. Then shake off beans that don't stick. (pic 3)

3. Repeat Step 2 with each section until complete. (pic 4)

4. Allow to dry. (pic 5)

NOTE: There is a lot of gluing in this project. Please get an adult if you need help with this.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you intend to keep this project for a long time, have an adult spray it with fixative spray.
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