Discussion Topics - Poppy

    Which was your favorite character? And why?
    Do you think Poppy would have done what she did if she hadn't met Ragweed?
    Suggest names for Poppy's children.
    What interesting facts did you learn about animals and nature from this book?
    Discuss the differences in the ways the mice treated Ocax and the way Ereth treated him.
    What have you learned about bullies from knowing more about Ocax?
    Discuss Lungwort's response to Poppy when she returned.
    What did Poppy learn from Lungwort, Ereth and Ragweed?
    Would you have been as brave as Poppy was when she went with Lungwort to ask Ocax about moving?
    Why did the author name the porcupine Erethizon Dorsatum?
    Name some reasons that George the cat wasn't interested in eating Poppy the mouse.

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