Discussion Topics - Solomon Snow and the Silver Spoon

    Many books by Charles Dickens are about orphans in bleak settins. The author was trying to emulate Dickens, did she do a good job?
    Were you happy for Solomon in the end? Why or why not?
    Was Prudence a likable character? How about Rosabella?
    Many of the names in this book were descriptive of the person or place. What one adjective would you choose as a first name? What would you choose for the name of a town?
    What would your circus name be?
    Would a different cover have been more enticing?
    Name the ways that Rosabella was helpful.
    Would Solomon have been better off if Prudence never said anything?
    Which character would you most want for a friend?
    Who were the characters that treated children well? Who were the ones who didn't?

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