Cookies - Baking Tips

  • Get permission to use the kitchen. 
  • Parental supervision is highly recommended! (see this Better Homes & Gardens information about kitchen safety)
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before starting your kitchen preparations.  Wash hands as needed like after touching the trash can or picking up items from the floor.
  • If you have long hair, put it up or cover it up.
  • Read and re-read the recipe several times before starting and while working.
  • Before starting, make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients  and put them out on the counter.
  • Before starting, get out all of the equipment (pans and measuring cups, spoons, etc.)
  • Follow the recipe exactly. If it helps, make a copy of the recipe and cross of each instruction as you complete it.
  • Use oven mittens or pot holders when taking food in and out of the oven. Stand to the side as opening oven door.
  • Clean as you go along to make clean-up at the end easier. Then you can enjoy (and share) your goodies faster!

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