Discussion Topics - The Nobodies

    Who did you think the mole was? How about the Hermit? Why didn't they get along?
    Corky Gorsky was really a good guy - why were Fern and Howard suspicious of him?
    Why didn't Dorathea live in the castle? Do you think Fern would have preferred it to the 'house of books'?
    What is another solution they could have come up with for what to do with the Nobodies? Can you name other characters that might have been Nobodies?
    Mary Stern - friend or foe?
    Why did Auggie frame the Bone? When did Fern feel the same the Bone must have felt when he was accused of something he didn't do?
    If BORT was actually an acronym - what might it stand for?
    What or who would you shake out of a book if you could?
    Life is always in flux, always changing. Describe ways that you observe this in the world.

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