Discussion Topics - The Meanest Doll in the World

    Which was your favorite character? And why?
    Is Annabelle's method of dealing with a bully (let her alone and she'll get in trouble on her own) a good way to deal with a bully? Does it work here?
    What was the biggest mistake Annabelle and Tiffany made in their Exploration?
    If your class made a sign like the "Pride" sign what important ways of treating people would you want to include?
    Would you be a Funcraft or a member of the Doll family? Why?
    Even after everything she did, do you think the dolls would have given Mimi a chance if she honestly tried to change?
    Mean Mimi - think of other alliterative bully names (ex. Big Bad Bob)
    If your dolls weren't exactly in the place you left them, would you notice? If yes, who would you think moved them?

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