Discussion Topics - Island of the Blue Dolphins

    Did Karana make the right decision about whether to leave the island or not?
    What would have been more difficult for you - living alone, hunting your own food, making your own house?
    Do you know who the Aleuts were? Hint: the island was in the sea off of California and the Aleuts came from the north (Russians/Eskimos from Alaska)
    How much time do you enjoy spending alone? How long before you MUST be with other people?
    Knowing what happened to her tribe, did you feel differently about Karana's life on the island?
    Make up your own secret name.
    Karana's people were somewhat superstitious. Name some of their superstitions. How did Karana overcome some of them?
    (definition of superstitious: An irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.)
    Should Chowig have told the Aleuts his secret name? What could they have done differently with the Aleuts to prevent so many getting killed?
    Who would you like to have read this book next so you could talk to them about it?
    Is there something in your life that doesn't seem so important now that you've read this story?
    How did Karana and Rontu become friends? How did she know which dog was Rontu's son?

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