Discussion Topics - The Indian in the Cupboard

    If you were Omri, what would you have done differently in the end?
    Why did Little Bear get emotional when he shot Boone? Think of a time you've gotten mad at someone and been sorry about what you did afterward. (Do you remember when someone was sorry for their anger another time in this book?)
    Bright Stars got her name because of her eyes. What would your Indian name be?
    How did Omri figure out which time each character was from?
    If you could bring one character/toy to life which one would it be? What would you ask them?
    Why was it easier for Little Bear to be comfortable with Omri than it was for Boone?
    Discuss the friendship between Omri and Patrick.
    Why didn't Little Bear want to live in the tepee?
    If you were Omri, would you bring any of the characters back? Which ones and why?
    Note of interest: The author's three sons are named Omri, Adiel and Gillon.

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