Discussion Topics - Double Identity

    If you had a clone, what would their name be? What things would they do, foods would they eat or sports that they play would remind people of you?
    Do you think that Bethany's parents did the right things to protect her? Name some reasons why they didn't tell her.
    When Myrlie didn't know if she was allowed to tell Bethany about her family's past, she struggled with wondering if she was doing the right thing. Should she have told? When is it ok to not tell someone things that you think they should know?
    Bethany seemed angry that she was a clone. Was she right in being angry? Or was it another emotion?
    Imagine that your family had a secret life before you - what would you imagine it to be? Be creative...
    If you found out your best friend was a clone, would you feel differently about them? Why or why not?
    How did you feel about VanDyne in the end?

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