Discussion Topics - Caddie Woodlawn

    Would you want the Woodlawns to move to England?
    Caddie Woodlawn was based on real life adventures, but most of the names were changed a little. What would your name be if you could change it slightly? Would you change your friends’ names?
    Did you feel bad for Cousin Annabelle when Tom, Caddie, and Warren played those tricks on her?
    What character are you most like? Age and looks don’t count.
    Where did the mail come from? How did it get to them? How long did it take to get there?
    Would you make friends with the Indians like Caddie did?
    Did you think Uncle Edmund should have taken Nero?
    Would you want to have your favorite food every day like the Woodlawns did?
    If you made up stories like Tom does, what would one of them be about?
    Do you know what important events were happening in other parts of the country at the time of this story - the 1860's?
    The author of the story wrote this book as a retelling of her grandmother's stories. Do you know someone whose stories would make a great book?

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