Discussion Topics - Howl's Moving Castle

    Why did Sophie think that Howl ate girls' hearts?
    Was Howl good or bad?
    Have you ever thought someone was bad and then when you learned more about them found that you were wrong?
    What 3 other places would you want your door to open to?
    What did you think of Sophie's response to being old? How would you have responded?
    What did you think of Michael?
    Why was Sophie afraid of Howl? Of the scarecrow? Of the dog?
    When did you realize what Calcifer really was?
    Why was Sophie nervous about breaking the contract?
    Throughout the book, did Sophie like Howl? Did Howl like Sophie?
    Why didn't Howl tell Sophie what he knew about her spell? About Miss Algorian?
    What would your wizard name be?
    For further discussion, you can find an interview with the author, Diana Wynne Jones, at the back of the book. Get Howl's Moving Castlefrom Amazon.com

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