Project - Mother Daughter Book Club: Dear Pen Pal (Thanksgiving Place Cards)

    This project wasn't linked to any book but after reading the 3rd book in the Mother Daughter Book Club series, this seemed to fit.

    We also wanted to let our readers know how thankful we are for them. We are also thankful for our books and for our blog. So this project seemed perfect for that reason and for this season. (If you think of a good Thanksgiving themed book to do a schedule for, please let us know.)

    • Scissors
    • Kraft brown cardstock
    • Green cardstock
    • Yellow cardstock
    • Grey cardstock
    • Orange/rust cardstock
    • Brown cardstock
    • Cream cardstock
    • Thin black marker
    • Ink
    • Cosmetic sponge
    • Glue stick
    Note: we found a pack of autumn colored cardstock at the local Michaels which was perfect for this project

    1. Download and print this template . Then cut the pieces for your place card. When you finish cutting, your pieces should look something like this:

    2. Cut a piece 8.5"x11" kraft brown cardstock into quarters (each piece 4.25"x5.5"). Fold the cardstock in half, crease and open.

    3. Use cosmetic sponge and ink to shade the edges of each piece.

    4. Attach first green hill to the cardstock.

    5. Attach second green hill to the cardstock

    6.Attach pieces in the following order:

    • yellow legs
    • brown back wings
    • orange/rust wings
    • left green wing
    • grey turkey body
    • right green wing
    • cream head
    • yellow bill







    7. Using a thin black marker, make the dots for the eyes and write in the name.

    8. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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