Projects - Make a Vision Book / Board (Every Soul a Star)

Bree’s “Book” was very similar to what we think of as a “Vision Book” which is another form of a “Vision Board”. In this busy world of radio, TV, iPods, cell phones, Internet, it is easy to get distracted from one’s goals. A vision book, or board, is a tool that people use to keep their dreams, desires and goals in the forefront of their thoughts.

It’s really a simple but effective tool. Several years ago, I made a vision board. My theme was fitness. I posted it right next to my desk. It reminded me to get in a little bit of exercise every day. Since that board, I’ve dropped 10 of those extra 15 pounds AND I’ve made exercise a more regular habit.

Vision books/boards should be a guide not the rule. Be flexible with your ideas. Remember in Every Soul a Star, Bree used her book to keep her ‘eyes on the prize’ as far as modeling went. Life threw her a bit of a curve ball in the form of going to Moon Shadow Campground. Do you think that her book would be as important once she’d been at Moon Shadow for a while? Maybe it won't be but we hope that it would. The book was a great example of her persistence towards achieving a goal. If her goals change, perhaps her book could ‘morph’ into something else too. Her persistence was an excellent quality and we wouldn't want it to change.

Do you have a goal or goals that you’d like to pay more attention to? Here is a way to make your very own vision book or board:

To make your vision book, you’ll need:
Notebook (use poster board or foam core for a vision board)
Glue or double-stick tape
Pens, pencils, crayons

1. Pick a theme – ours was cooking but yours could be anything. (Note: A theme is just a suggestion. This is your book, it can be just a general gathering of hopes or desires.)
2. Choose a notebook - maybe one that has a nice design on the cover or one that has special meaning to you.

3. Go through magazines, newspapers, and cut out pictures, titles, words etc. that are pertinent to your theme. You can also print photos and titles from the Internet.

4. Make a collage by placing these pictures on pages in your book (or on your poster board). You can also write notes or affirmations in and around these pictures.

5. Keep your book with you - you never know when inspiration will strike. Keep adding pictures, quotes and handwritten messages. Before you know it, your book will be full of inspiration. And if life throws you a curve ball, remember goals can evolve just as people evolve. Let your “Book” grow with you. (If you’re using a vision board, these same thoughts apply. Keep your board in view and try to look at it at least once every day. Update it as your goals and dreams come true.)

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