Discussion Topics - Every Soul a Star

    List some of the astronomic terms and concepts you learned.
    What would be your favorite spot at Moon Shadow? The Art House, Alien Central, Mining for Gold, the Hot Spring? Would you want to live at the Moon Shadow Campground?
    Why did Mr. Silver ask Jack to go on this trip?
    Why did Jack think that Ryan was pointing out Ally as the pretty one?
    What do you think happened to Ally, Bree and Jack after the eclipse? How would Ally do in 'civilization'? Bree at the camp? And Jack back to 'normal life'?
    What was similar about the siblings - Kenny, Melanie and Mike? What was different?
    Have you ever seen an eclipse? Would you want to see one after this story?
    What did you think of the structure of this book? Different voices - Ally, then Bree, then Jack? Which character did you connect with most?
    What are your impressions of Stella?

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