Projects - Worry Doll (Pictures of Hollis Woods)

These are also called trouble dolls. These are originally from Guatemala where it is believed that if a person can't sleep they should put a worry doll under their pillow. Then the doll will do the worrying for them while they sleep. In the morning, the worries will be gone having been taken away by the dolls.

Supplies needed:

ball-head clothespin (also called slotted clothespin)
permanent market
flat-head thumbtack (not pushpin)
wooden matchsticks (head removed with scissors)
low-temp glue gun (or tacky glue)
1. Draw a face with permanent marker on one side of the ball part on top of clothespin. Use red marker if you’d like to add in cheek blush.

2. Make a hank of embroidery floss by loosely wrapping floss around hand and then removing when you have enough for hair. Cut through end loops and use glue gun to top of clothespin for hair.

3. Cut a rectangle piece of fabric long enough to wrap around the worry doll’s neck once and wide enough to cover doll. Use thumb tack to secure dress at neck.

4. If you would like to add arms, cut matchsticks small enough for the doll’s arm. With micropoint or sharp scissors make small slits in dress where arms go. Add a dab of glue to ends of matchsticks and insert into slits.

NOTE: There is a lot of gluing in this project. Please get an adult if you need help with this.

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