Discussion Topics - The Tail of Emily Windsnap

    Shona used the word ‘swishy’. Come up with your own mermaid word for ‘cool’. And use it whenever you can!
    Would you want to be half-mermaid or whole mermaid? Or no mermaid at all?
    If you lived on a houseboat, what would the boat’s name be?
    Mr. Beeston - evil character or just doing his job?
    Would you have been able to stand up for yourself the way Emily did with King Neptune?
    What should happen in the next book(s)?
    Would you have been brave enough to go in to the sunken ship? The jail?
    You find a locked treasure chest, guess three things in it.
    Who are you most like - Emily (shy and reserved) or Shona (outgoing & studious)?
    Would you want to live on a boat? Have you ever driven a boat? What would your boat's name be?
    They had Rainbow Rocks - what place is special enough to you that you wouldn't be surprised to find a mermaid there?
    Why did they put Jake in jail? Why did they let him out?

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