Projects - Paper Plate Crown (The Great Good Thing)

    - paper plate
    - pencil
    - scissors
    - crayons or markers
    - hole punch
    - various and sundry items for decorating such as sequins and ribbon

    1. Draw a line through the middle of the plate - leaving one inch at each edge. Then draw another line that crosses directly through the first line making an "X". Also leave one inch at each edge. (pic 1)
    2. Now draw two more lines so that the plate looks like this:
    (pic 2 & 3)
    3. Color the plate with crayons or markers. (pic 4)
    4. From the center, cut along the lines - REMEMBER to leave one inch or more at each edge. To start cut line, slightly crease one of the pencil lines and cut the perpendicular line. (pic 5)
    5. Fold up the points and your crown is done. (pic 6)
    6. If you'd like to add ribbon, punch holes near the edge of one triangle and thread ribbon (each piece about 24" long) through make a knot and allow to stream in the back. (pics 7 & 8)
    Click on pictures to enlarge:

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