Projects - Paper Doll Chain (The Doll People)

    - 8.5" x 11" copy paper
    - Double-stick tape
    - Scissors
    - Pens, markers and crayons
    - Decorative materials such as scraps of paper and fabric, buttons, lace, trim, glitter, tin-foil, stickers, sequins etc.

    1. Cut paper in half lengthwise (pic 1). Fold each piece in quarters accordion, then unfold. (pic 2)
    2. Join the two strips together. Place double stick tape on the back of last panel on strip #1. Place this over the front of the first panel on strip #2. Re-fold this new long strip accordion style. This will give you seven 2.75" panels. (pic 3 & 4)
    3. Then you or your child can draw a doll figure on the top panel making sure that the hand and feet extend all the way to the side panels.

    Click on picture to enlarge

    4. Cut around the doll being careful not to cut along the folds where the hands and feet touch. (pic 5)
    5. Unfold doll chain and color or decorate. (pic 6)

    This project would be good for a book group meeting about The Doll People.

    Click on pictures to enlarge:

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