Projects - Bead Foam Fairy (The Anybodies)

    - 3/4" wood bead
    - black medium tip marker
    - pipe cleaners (neutral color) - cut to 6"
    - 2 silk flowers - 1 large and 1 small
    - white or pink foam cut to shape of butterfly wings
    - small green twist tie

    1. Thread stem of large flower through hole in bead. Cut stem down to within 1/2" of head. Pull small flower off of its stem and attach with glue to stem sticking out of bead.
    2. Cut wings from foam. Make small slit in middle of each wing. Bend pipe cleaner in half and thread through holes in wing until centers of pipe cleaner and wings line up.
    3. Thread small twist tie along the same path as pipe cleaner. Use this twist tie to secure wings to the stem section of big flower just below bead head.
    4. Draw face on bead with black marker.

    This project would be good to do when you are discussing The Anybodies.

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