Projects - Make Your Own Newspaper (The Landry News)

    This was probably one of our most successful projects.
    newspaper template made from 8.5" x 11" white paper
    old magazines, etc.
    reference books - joke book, cookbook, nonfiction books
    pencils or pens
    coloring instruments - crayons, markers etc.
    double-sided tape

    Print the newspaper template on 8.5" x 11" white paper. (pic 1) Print enough for everyone. Tell everyone the name of the project. It worked well when we asked everyone to start by coming up with a name for their newspaper and printing it in big letters over the top.

    Then they were asked to fill in each block with a different article - examples would be:

    - an upcoming event at home or in school
    - community news
    - recipe
    - joke
    - sports scores
    - poll of friends
    Then participants can fill in the squares. They can draw and color illustrations or cut out pictures from old magazines and tape them in place with double-sided tape. (pics 2-5)

    When everyone's done, sit back in the circle and pass around everyone's newspaper. It really is a lot of fun!
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