Discussion Topics - The Sea of Monsters

    Why didn't Percy see that Tyson was a cyclops?
    Discuss this effect and how people don't always see what's right in front of them.
    Which cabin would you want to belong to?
    How did Grover fool Polyphemus? How did Polyphemus figure out that Grover was a satyr?
    With so many threats against them, how can Percy and Annabeth know who to trust?
    Where is the Sea of Monsters? What modern urban legend surrounds this area?
    C.C. (Circe) talked about other famous daughters of Athena like Amelia Earhart. What famous women would you think were daughters of Athena?
    Hermes wanted Percy to save Luke but Percy wasn't able to. How do you feel about Luke? Do you think he thinks he's doing the right thing? Is this just an extreme case of teenage rebellion against parents?
    The kids rode large seahorses to safety. Which sea creature would you want to ride to safety on?
    Will Percy and Thalia be friends or enemies?

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