Discussion Topics - Half Magic

    Which one of their wishes was the best?
    If you found a magic coin - with one 'half' wish - what would your wish be?
    Sir Launcelot- haughty jerk or brave knight?
    Would you have freaked out if you saw half-Martha?
    Do you think Mr. Smith and the children's mom were "destined" for each other?
    At the end, what did the girl wish for after she realized the charm's powers? Be creative...
    What did you think of Mark making all Achmed's dreams come true?
    Jane's accidental wish - did her father really appear or was it her own wishful thoughts?
    When Jane belonged to the other family - might she have returned without the magic of the charm?
    What makes a good grownup?
    Make up a name for the sequel. (There really is a sequel. It's name is Magic By The Lake.)
    Give the charm a name.

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